The H2O LED Flex is made using superior materials. We adopt first-class imported calendering copper for FPC, the thickness of copper reached to 4OZ, which is featured by its good conductivity and folding resistance.
The package and glue are cater designed for outdoor products. The housing material and body of the H2O LED Flex are made using modified PVC or silicone materials which are specially designed for H2O LED Flex to withstand outdoor harsh environments.

40Z FPC Adopted

Optimised heat transfer to housing to ensure life span and colour consistency.

Minimise the voltage drop to ensure same brightness from 0.1m to 20 meters. Reliable bending performance.


Chips for standard products made by Epistar and packaged by ShenZhen top manufactures CREE, Nichia are optional for Mono series. We keep One bin Only by requesting from LED supplier and using Kingdee ERP system for management, Furthermore, CRI95, R9 96, 3 Step MacAdam LED are optional.


PVC or silicon Housing optional for both materials, there are high quality and low end one in the market we selected and catered the best material for LED neon strip usage, which is UV stable, corrosion resistant solvent resistant and saltwater resistant.

This stainless steel waterproof device is an essential accessory for outdoor bare wire products. The high density and high viscosity material ensures the wring cannot be penetrated by any air or moisture.

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